я с успехом подбираю ключик даже к тем, кто списывает себя со счетов, отчаявшись заговорить на английском.
Поэтому со мной легко:
  • Я – фанат и профессионал своего дела: опыт преподавания английского с 1996 года.
  • Креативность и качество в сочетании с гибкостью подхода, самый современный материал.
  • Проработала более 7 лет в официальном статусе преподавателя языковой кафедры университета.
  • Педагогическую подготовку прошла в России в 1997, и повышение квалификации - в Финляндии в 2014 году.
  • Работаю онлайн и офлайн на 3 языках – английском, финском и русском.
С чего все начиналось
Еще в прошлом тысячелетии, в студенчестве, я начала экспериментировать с форматами преподавания и с методиками. Скажу, что с моими юными учениками все шло гладко, и результаты приятно удивляли родителей и школьных учителей, очень быстро выходили на высокие оценки и горящие интересом глаза.

А вот первые годы репетиторства с людьми, занимающими ответственные должности, и с предпринимателями, метящими за рубеж, показали смешанную динамику, но несомненно научили многому:
  • как в условиях жесточайшего цейтнота помочь реализовать мечту говорить на английском, чтобы воплотить далеко идущие замыслы,
  • как работать с негибкой памятью,
  • как английский умножить на мотивацию преобразовать свою жизнь как можно быстрее,
  • целепостроению и целедостижению под давлением амбиций.
Inara Shakirova
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards and the Mercury Prize
И да, слабое владение английским означает беспомощность в динамичном раскладе возможностей за рубежом.
Мои студенты-достиженцы рисовали в мечтах пламенные речи, разжигающие интерес инвесторов в венчурных фондах, коктейль-вечеринки с избранным в их индустрии сообществом, элитные мастер-классы и менторство прославленного бизнес-коуча, в общем, все, к чему тяготеет успех.

Талант, драйв и творческий запал, однако, нужно было приправить одним ингредиентом, чтобы преподнести себя миру – английским языком.
I helped them attain their ambitious goals with highly-tailored English tuition
often conducted online, since my clients knew how to make the most
of their money and time.
This is how Digital English was conceived.
I was thrilled to see the remarkable improvements in my students' proficiency and confidence!
They NO LONGER struggled to set the wheels in motion, they found courage to communicate in English. In advanced English. With ease.
They STOPPED commissioning major amounts of work and wasting money, wasting time, and, what's more important, they got this feeling of staying on top of things.
Staying in control in ALL the business processes.

I went back to school to enhance my pedagogical qualifications and expertise in Computer Information Systems and have now worked over 5 years in a Senior Lecturer position teaching various aspects of English, including ICT and Business English, and English for Academic Purposes.

My expertise in both technical and pedagogical matters gave me the perfect profile to cater to busy and tech-savvy individuals' needs.
Read more about my career path in higher edication
Back in 1996-1999, as an Assistant Professor, I taught English and World Literature to Romance and Germanic linguistics students at Ivanovo State University (Russia).

Later I pursued another valuable dimension of my qualification: offering translation and interpreter services in multiple areas, such as
  • Heavy earthmoving machinery building
  • Foundry engineering
  • Legal and business documents
  • Adoption process
  • Medical papers and physiotherapy
  • Immigration to Canada
  • Spanish real estate
Simultaneously, I organised brick-and-mortar English teaching for executive and assistant staff. With progressive globalisation, people started to open up to increased opportunities. I subsequently worked freelance and helped many become fluent in English.
I currently work as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Digital Business (former Business Information Technology), Haaga-Helia UAS, Helsinki, Finland.

In addition, I am the owner (and creator) of two online tuition services: digitalielts.com and digitalenglish.com. We help busy professionals looking to find an effective IELTS prep course that fits their demands and time constraints, and who would like to learn to speak English fluently to open up to new opportunities.
What separates our service from the other IELTS and English courses is the use of the latest educational techniques and online tools (including a state-of-the-art speech recognition tool to improve pronunciation), access to a network of academic institutions and the possibility to tailor the material and services to provide on-demand one-on-one tuition.
Thanks to this, you can make the most of the time and resources available, and are guaranteed to improve yourEnglish and IELTS bandscore.

The course was created by academics with several years of expertise in IELTS preparation, guaranteeing you are getting the latest methods and approaches, and features state of the art speech recognition technology, empowering you to pronounce words like a native speaker in no time. The course is self-paced, and emphasises the key areas for a high bandscore, allowing you to make the most of the time you have between now and your test.
We love collaboration with educational experts
I have been honoured to closely cooperate with Ms Maria Copot, a former supervisor in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge.

She has had an invaluable impact as a quality auditor of our services.
Digital IELTS is a course designed to help you improve your English with the IELTS exam in mind. You can adapt it to fit your personal time frame and review the challenging modules until you have mastered them.
The course covers all the core topics
Skills, structures and lexicon that you will need to reward you with the score you are looking for, and gives you a number of exciting practice opportunities. The cherry on top is instant feedback on your pronunciation with state-of-the art-software, which you won't find anywhere else!
Our students aim to improve their pronunciation and intonation. They want to sound like native English speakers. They can choose between the British or American dialect. Fluency is our primary target.
in a world in which knowledge of English is increasingly taken for granted, it's important to be able to keep up with speech in all sorts of settings and on all sorts of topics. Our students are provided with extensive practice opportunities to prepare them for the real thing.
Every trade has plenty of resources to learn from and plenty of means to exchange ideas. To convert these from overwhelming walls of text into useful tools, our students are taught to optimise their reading strategy to achieve the perfect balance between speed and comprehension.
Bad grammar at best distracts from the message, and at worst compromises its content. We give our students the means to communicate accurately and elegantly.
Good ideas and a sharp intellect are hard to come by, which is why you will want to have the tools to put them on paper in a way that does them justice. Our course covers the ins and outs of structure and style to empower our students to share their thoughts.
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