Our mission
In an increasingly globalised world, proficiency in English is key to a seamless career advancement and access to specialist knowledge. We empower students to achieve proficiency with a tailored strategy, superior learning technologies and a professional approach.

Distance learning is the up-to-date solution:
  • it's available globally
  • it suits our fast-paced lives
  • it can be adjusted to each individual learner's needs and preferences
Market need
Due to economic reasons, many are compelled to transform the course of their lives, and good knowledge of English for work or study (typically measured with IELTS) is key to that. These people are determined and ambitious, and their main constraints are:
  • poor English language skills
  • little time to dedicate to language learning
  • lack of funds for private tuition
E.g. in Kazakhstan, the international companies have raised the bar and only recruit people whose
IELTS band score is 7-9.
The passing score to enter a Nurly Bolashak presidential grant programme to be able to study abroad is 6 or 6.5
What is the market?
Adults, age group 25 - 35
Immigration to English speaking countries
Entering a prestigious high school or a University
Pursuing a career prospect abroad
In the former Soviet Union countries, such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan, people want to travel, or relocate freely, or send their children to finest universities. There is a Presidential program in Kazakhstan which supports academic mobility of higher degree students through grants and a careful selection process.

What problem are we solving and for whom?
We are changing people's lives by
  • facilitating their immigration process
  • enabling them to access better higher education
  • improving their professional English competencies & skills
We aim to develop all the four skill areas (listening, reading, speaking, writing), as well as meta level skills, such as study skills.

Who are the key players?
Educational apps, e.g., Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, focus largely on rote memorisation of the target language, while Digital IELTS has a much more dynamic approach to the language skill building, not yet present in mainstream educational technology
Market size
The latest campaign (run for 2 days) brought over 200 interactions with our FB messenger chatbot. The cost per interaction was $0.16.
The 18-24 and 45-54 age groups have proven to be less attractive for us, because there were only 11 and 20 interactions respectively, CPC there was $0.20
Which brings us to the 25-34 and 35- 44 age groups (84 and 89 interactions respectively)
Women were dominating overall there (147 females vs. 56 male audience)
Kazakhstan-based respondents interacted twice as proactively (147 interactions, with CPC as low as $0.14) than Ukraine-based (75 conversations, CPC was $0.20)
85 people have filled out a questionnaire, leaving their contact info and specifying the demand
digital ielts
Value proposition
What is the technology offer?
Online learning environment
at your fingertips
Primarily, Moodle-based courses with a possibility to scale to using chatbot functionality/ native apps supporting the speech recognition feature described below
  • Virtual Assistant type communication
  • Learner autonomy
  • Personalised yet automated medium
  • Attention span increased
  • Affordability for the stakeholders
  • Excellent user experience is the key
Integrated speech recognition
A unique feature of all our courses, setting us apart from competitors, is our state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, aiding the learner consolidate their language production skills in either US or UK English.

Language production skills, while traditionally neglected by online language courses, are one of our strengths. Thanks to our software, the user can receive real-time feedback on their production: the pronunciation accuracy is scored, and mistakes are localised with extreme precision within the word or sentence.
What are the key benefits to customers?
Is there any cost analysis?
What are the advantages over the competition?
The competition in the field of the IELTS exam preparing has mostly been active in the offline teaching mode with a few exceptions focusing on the online preparation

The type of course we do does not remove the personal, interactive and accessible feel off classroom teaching, unlike a number of online courses out there.

Providing technology-savvy online tuition allows us to increase our market to, effectively, the whole world.
To our knowledge, the price range of the online preparation varies from USD 8 per hour to USD 499 per a skill
Why is it unique and for whom?
It combines the flexibility of distance learning with the interaction and enunciation so crucial for language acquisition.
A perfect hybrid between interactive, personal classroom environment and a fully functional on the go IELTS self-preparation portal, accessible from wherever the learner may be.

The learning experience can be adapted to everyone's location and time constraints. The package also includes a number of interactive services, such as
  • human marking
  • opportunities for Q&As
  • step-by-step learning path
  • one-to-one sessions with a live tutor
Speech recognition
Сonversation sessions are expensive, and can be troublesome to implement on an online platform.

Speech recognition allows the learner to perfect their oral skills like conversation sessions would, but at no additional cost and at a pace that's tailored to the learner, with detailed feedback which would be challenging for a human to provide.

We are proud to say we are truly unique in this aspect.
Because of the highly customisable architecture of the course, it can be targeted to everyone wishing to learn or improve their English.

After a potential customer expresses interest, there will be a consultation with a human expert in which the material to be covered and a timeline will be agreed, based on the goals, ability and timeframe specified by the user.

The course is therefore of both universal and individual appeal simultaneously.
How is the idea protected?
  • The speech recognition plugin is patented by the developer and is offered to us on SaaS terms

  • The same developer also offers the IELTS self-preparation course materials at a USD 50 fee per licence
We can develop and enhance the quality of the IELTS prep course, and we are totally ready to build any complementing courses for the Digital English and Digital IELTS curricula
Summary of the value chain and position of newco
We strive to outperform our competitors by differentiating through higher quality, customisation, detailed mapping of the needs and adapting to better serve an individual learner with their ranging expectations for the cost, duration and intensity of the IELTS exam preparation or English studies overall.

We stand out in the competition due to our expert knowledge and field experience.
Value chain
The total cost consists of:
Running and maintaining Moodle platform equipped with the software as a service plugins to enhance its suitability for the language learners
Speech recognition plugin annual fees
The ILETS self-preparation course materials at a USD 50 fee per each licence
Programmimg and software integration costs
Marketing costs (currently use FB marketing + producing quality materials would increase this cost overall
Salaries and payment gateway transaction fee
Exit route
  • Credible exit scenario and examples
  • Capital required (best estimate) — to get to next value add point, to get to exit, co-investors and progress with them
digital ielts
Who we are
Inara Shakirova
Helsinki, Finland, educator, founder, quality assurance
Maria Copot
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Helsinki, Finland, software developer
Iryna Mironenko-Ovsienko
Kiev, Ukraine – Canada immigration process expertise
Zach Rishling
US, Idaho, smart educational content provider, short stories and gamification elements
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